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Barcode-x WiFi
Keyboard Wedge Scanner

Keyboard Wedge Wifi Scanner App

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After the success of Barcode-x here is Barcode-x WiFi, the new keyboard wedge barcode scanner App from ALTO laboratories.

Barcode-x WiFi let you capture the most common typologies of barcodes and send them to your PC/Mac as you are typing on your keyboard (like usb scanner terminals do)

Barcode-x WiFi  is easy to install and it doesn’t need any setup

Barcode-x-wifi embeds the new Barcode-x-Pro scanner with Altomatic autofocus to enhance the performances of your scan sessions.

How to use

Barcode-x WiFi

  • Launch it and switch it on
  • Launch Barcode-x WiFi App
  • Select your computer name
  • Click on it, insert your password and begin scanning
  • You're done!